Arnhem Land tour

During our trip to Arnhem Land in late April both Ryan and I had the opportunity to conduct healthy living, cookery, and theory based classes for the members of the community. Ryan was able to bring the skills he has developed during his time participating in the NICI Program and apply them to the classes. We were able to work closely with the younger locals in the schools to provide an insight and guidance to the importance of schooling and healthy living. I feel this was taken onboard and appreciated with an increase in student attendance each day.

We were able to discuss and explain to the vast array of opportunities available outside the community as well as the assistance and success of the NICI Program with Ryan being able to explain firsthand the spectacular opportunity he has to work in one of Sydney’s finest restaurants.

During the down time I was able to speak in-depth with the Elders of the community about the challenges and issues they are facing. We were able to connect and discuss some of the problems, past and present, we have had with the students participating in the NICI Program and establish ways to work through these issues and support the students. From our discussions I was able to better understand the boundaries between pushing the students to strive and reach their goals and letting them venture out on their own to find success. They were able to describe and explain the close knit ties Indigenous Australians have with their people may require them to help and support each other which ultimately may also mean letting them go.

I believe that going forward I will be able to use the guidance from the Elders to further the program and the students successes.

Both Ryan and I believe that the trip was a great success! I feel that Ryan and I as well as the community gained a lot through the experience.